• 2022: Greece, Lesvos

    Mavrovouni: Community Volunteer Activities

Having the opportunity to interact and cooperate with community volunteers in a range of activities has been an extremely enriching, enjoyable and edifying experience.

We’ve been working with community volunteers in structured way since March 2021. As the Mavrovouni camp has transitioned through various phases of development, our community teams have focussed on different aspects over time, to support the WASH needs of the camp population.

Now that the context of the camp has significantly stabilised and the infrastructure respects EASO indicators concerning WASH (for example, by ensuring a maximum of 10 people per toilet cubicle and 12 people per shower, which this camp exceeds,) we have the time and capacity to get involved with a wider scope of construction-based activities. Of course, our WASH maintenance roots are never far behind, the sub teams still focus on this several times per week and team leaders are involved in a lot of project coordination to ensure the long-term sustainability of the major WASH project started in 2021 (installing permanent WASH facilities and infrastructure in camp).

In addition to our core activities, we also have been developing some community led spaces – built by the community, for the community. To achieve this, we have aimed to use scrap materials when and if they are available to us. Firstly, we transformed one disused concrete pad into a “barbers’ area” in the single men’s area, where lots of people cut each other’s hair. We installed walls for privacy and to protect the users from the elements, as well as electricity supply so that electric razors and lights could be used within the space.

Moreover, we have repurposed more of these concrete pads – previously used as temporary tap stands – to create a workshop space within the WASH hub. Here, our volunteers can carry out all sorts of activities and projects, as well as receive trainings from experts, and utilise their own skills and knowledge to support the needs of the greater camp community.

Stay tuned to hear more about our community activities in Spring / Summer 2022.


Greece: Mavrovouni Reception and Identification Centre (RIC), Lesvos


April 2022 – ongoing


Total population of Mavrovouni RIC (1200 people)

15 community volunteers

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